According to a very old Bulgarian book called ‘Be healthy’ to be healthy is:

  • To want to eat bread. To want to drink water. To get sleepy after sunset.
  • To have desire to wakeup early morning and when woke-up to have desire to stretch arms and chest, to inhale deeply, to want to walk with enthusiasm far away.
  • To enjoy Sun. To love wind, to let it blow you and take you.
  • To want to meet a person. To have desire to smile and to chat to that person as is someone close to you. To hear and to tell a nice word to that person.
  • To want to sing. End even when you are sad to have desire to whistle inside of you.
  • Do not think of anyone evil. If anyone upsets you or hurts you to feel sorry for him and be ready to forgive him.
  • Everything to please you and you want to please everyone.