Dimo is giving special attention to hidden suppressed Emotions and their experience trough the Body as well as awareness of the process by the Mind so that one can get rid of personal chains and achieve freedom on three level – Body, Mind, Emotions. Emotions are very strong and often are able as hurricane to blown a way a person. To prevent this a stable base is needed, provided by the meditation. Dimo’s work is fusion of therapy (scientific approach) and meditation (mystic, unknown) inspired by Osho. Dimo is using:

  • Sharing – the healing power of talking-out the pain;
  • Family constellations or working with representatives;
  • Transessence;
  • working with the inner child – process of looking in and healing the traumas from childhood;
  • bodywork – experience and expression trough the body;
  • Rebalancing;
  • Meditation – active and passive;
  • Zen consulting – giving space without involving;
  • Tantra – the power of being with what it is at the moment;
  • Pulsations – breath work;
  • Music and Osho discourses;
  • rarely drawing and films.

Typically  Dimo’s work is very deep reaching the roots of suffering. He has not study psychology in the he is not a psychotherapist in the classical sense of this word. He is doing therapy since 2007.