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An issue that often stays hidden and unspoken. Those are regulations aiming being together, getting closer, overcoming differences and aggression. Rules requiring mutual execution. I’m glad to share my view of ethics that I commit with in my work.


Respect of the dignity so that one can live with not less dignity than has come.


Commitment to not tell the experiences of others. Everyone is free to share their experiences and insights with whom and wherever they want.

Time and place

Respect the announced time and place for meeting, respecting the time of others, coming on time. If there is a change in the arrangement, it is announced in such a way that everyone interested can understand.


Respect and acceptance of sexual, gender, political, cultural, racial and religious differences.


Respect for the experiences, views and personal space of others as well as their own.

Personal responsibility

Everyone assesses their own boundaries and assumes responsibility for their decisions and actions.

Intimacy and sex

Self-exploration has a potential for power abuse, misuse of moment of weakness, projection (seeing a person in a different light – for example, as a father). From this position, it is very dangerous to have intimate relationships and especially sex. There are different regulation to prevent additional pain. I have chosen at least 3 months of sex and intimacy refraining, counted from our last session.


Everyone commits to not hurt themselves, others, and space, both physically and emotionally.


The client does not pay for his or her experiences and insights, but for the time and space he/she spends on being guided, predisposed, invited.


Self-exploration is a process that often goes on after the session. It may also go through an unpleasant intensification of symptoms or the appearance of new ones. It is most natural in such a situation that the client first seeks help from his therapist because he is best acquainted with the process. Silence or blame do not help.