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Introduction to Tantra

Introduction to Tantra is a workshop for getting into the art of Tantra. It starts from a distance in order to build a solid foundation needed to hold on to the strong energies Tantra works with. To create a container in which they can be experienced in a healthy and nourishing way.

The workshop is a space in which one can explore one’s ability to be with what it is. One’s ability to experience the moment without running away from it. This ability is an art. An ability that combines more practice than understanding. An art called Tantra.

Often Tantra is from difficult to impossible, even when one is alone. The presence of another person usually makes it even more difficult and often to impossible at intimate distance.

Building a container for tantric experiences is the main goal of the workshop. Also to avoid the mass misunderstanding of Tantra. Misunderstanding that might led to abuse or different types of injuries.

In the workshop will be

sharing, meditation, dancing, working with representatives, exercise, massage, breathing

In the workshop there will be no

nudity, sex, theory