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Self-knowing is a process in which one gets familiar with oneself. Another word for the same is awareness. Often a person does things in his life, experiences feelings, passes thoughts, is overwhelmed by emotions for which he is unaware that they have occurred, what is the reason for them to appear, and what is his reaction to them – how he acts.

Strange as it may sound, one rarely has the awareness to breathe. Then what remains of the much more elusive, more ethereal processes, such as falling in love. And because of his unconsciousness, generally from a supreme pleasure it turns into supreme suffering, often sung by art. Still unconscious.

Self-knowing is necessary for every person seeking clarity for their lives, for every person seeking change. Change is possible when one is aware of one’s present situation. In his desires one is often mistaken for reality. In such cases, outside help is needed. This can be help from Dimo. He uses a variety of methods that he has been trained or developed on his own. Common to them is the great depth of work, where the roots of suffering are, the meditative approach inspired by the Indian mystic Osho and the host environment.

Self-knowing is necessary for every person seeking the truth, wishing to give direction to his life, or in other words, to be free.

When a baby is hungry, it is annoyed. His need for change makes him cry to be heard and nourished. The baby can’t stand hunger. Over the years, a grown-up has learned to endure irritation, hunger, pain:

Life becomes torture, and man endures. He doesn’t even realize what he’s up to. How long?