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Birth trauma

Birth is a process that happens on several levels at the same time – physical, spiritual, emotional. It is a very intimate process in which there is no turning back. A process in which there are many opportunities for trauma at different levels. Mostly the process happens in the hospital so that the doctors can take care of the physical trauma. And in a similar way mostly emotional trauma goes unnoticed and untreated. Than comes very intense time full of busy and joyful months, and years, as the baby grows, in which the mother can hardly afford the luxury of paying attention to emotional wounds. These wounds are very rarely discussed. And they can have power and control the life of the mother subconsciously.

The workshop

This workshop is an opportunity to talk about the emotional side of birth. To explore how a mother has experienced childbirth emotionally. So we can find out if something has been hurt and to search for the proper healing. There will be no theory. There will be opportunities for self-exploration and emotional healing.