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Code 'Anger'

One of the most condemned manifestations of energy in man – anger is accordingly one of the most repressed. From energy to protect, suppression turns it into self-harm. Much of people’s suffering is due to the condemnation of anger. Condemnation that many people do. Rarely does anyone learn what to do with anger, how to live with it. Denying his anger, one denies his life. By denying his anger, one becomes defenceless and poisons himself.

The workshop

Code ‘Anger’ is a group therapy:

Each of these three stages seems to be form uneasy to impossible, sealed with fear and shame. This group is suitable for anyone who wants to return to life, its ease and enjoyment.

In the group will be awareness exercises, work with representatives (as in constellations), meditation, physical exercises, dance, sharing.

What is necessary