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Essential qualities

Each person is born with a set of qualities helpping to go trough life. An exceptional gift from the Creator, the essence, which transforms one into a human. Those Qualities of the essence are giving enviable strength to its owner. Strength that in the same time is very scary for many people. Often those people are the closest one and to protect them self unconsciously they put a lot of effort to disconnect one form his Essential qualities. A process called in different words, such as conditioning, character building, ego, trauma… Because these qualities come from the essence, from the innermost, from the core, they cannot be destroyed. They are always there. The difference is whether one has lost connection with them.

This series of seminars is about exploring the Qualities of the Essence – how one lives them, how they understand them, how to return to them if they are away. The series consists of 12 parts, each assigned to one of these qualities. Anyone seeking to regain the brilliance of a diamond, to clean it, to dig it out of the past when it fell out of the Crown, so that it could return its holder to the throne of human essence again.

So far we have worked with:


This workshop is an opportunity for each participant to look in depth at their self-worth, the patterns they use to conceal their lack or abundance. These patterns are very often unconscious, created at an early age and well groomed. So much so that they become standard behaviour. One starts to say, “I am like that.” or “There is no other way.” so often that it becomes one’s reality and forgets who he\she is. Thus one loses the freedom to be oneself. It becomes easy to be manipulated. Illuminating these patterns is a key moment in returning to a healthy state of mind, to freedom, ease, enjoyment of life.


One of the most misunderstood qualities we are gifted with. A misunderstanding that brings much suffering since antiquity without much change to nowadays. We live in a time of rapid technological development, and in love, we are often in antiquity. Pearly there is a person who has not been burned by love. What is love really? A tool for torture or pleasure?


At first glance superficial and very pleasant quality of essence, but also often very misunderstood and suppressed.


The manifestation of Beauty, as a quality of being, is very rare today. It is still easily visible in babies. Other beauty, which is the result of exterior decoration and has nothing to do with nature, is easily visible, especially flourishing at evening events such as balls, Oscars, discos … Events filled with make-up, dresses, hairstyles, perfumes, accessories, plastic surgeries, artificial teeth, high heels… There are countless things that a person does to conceal his or her intrinsic quality Beauty. The degree of concealment is proportional to the injury, and the degree is only limited by financial means.

Sensuousness, Vitality

One quality, in two words. Quality that is brought into a cult by the arts and in the same time suppressed by the understanding of the business. There is a struggle between the idea of passion and the idea of success, filled with piles of misunderstood things, and hence suffering. The truth is that neither passion nor success has anything to do with this quality. It is the experience of the flow of juices in the body, of the energy in its field, of the tremors of life.