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Rebalancing is a deep body work, uniquely combined with breath and awareness in order to restore balance in the body. At first glance, it looks like a massage. The difference is that it goes deep in the body, where the roots of chronic tension are. In rebalancing, they are physically touched. When touched, often suppressed feelings are experienced, completed and melted. Then peace comes and life flows freely into the body. It is a method that uses the tensions in the body as a path to full relaxation through a loving touch filled with acceptance.

How is it practiced?

Rebalancing is practiced as individual sessions – work between two people: giver and receiver (therapist and client). It goes on a massage table using a massage cream. One session lasts an hour and a half. The session begins with a body reading to detect tension in the body and choose parts to work with. The work is deep, takes time, and cannot be done at once with the whole body. Generally, ten sessions are sufficient for covering whole body. It is recommended that at least 5 days pass between two separate sessions. It can be practiced in a series of sessions, for example 10, as well as as a stand alone session.

What is necessary?

It is enough for a person not to be full of food or hungry.

How to make an appointment?

Use contacts.

For whom it is suitable?

Rebalancing is suitable for anyone who wants to explore themselves. For every one who has the courage and strength to look through his body, what he has accumulated in it, what he or she avoids. Rebalancing is for people over 21. Rebalancing is suitable for pregnant women.

History of Rebalancing

In the 1940s, Wilhelm Reich, a student of Sigmund Freud, found that body and mind were inseparable. When vital energy is blocked as a result of emotional trauma, chronic muscle tension is generated in the body. By using touch, breathing, movement, and verbal therapy in his work, Reich sought to restore the natural flow of energy in a person.

Ида Ролф

In the 50’s and 60’s, Ida Rolf created a unique body work system called Structural Integration. Today, this work in her honor is better known as Rolfing. In the 1980s, Osho, an Indian mystic, together with Rolfing body therapists, created Osho rebalancing.

Today, Osho rebalancing is a trademark and remains the only body work directly influenced (created) by Osho.