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Sence of intimacy

When a person is caressed, he enjoys it. When the skin is wounded, the pleasure of caressing becomes pain. When the wounds are many, communication becomes a nightmare and one isolats. Often, the wounds are so painful that in order to survive, one stops to feel them and begins to pretend that they do not exist. The purpose of the workshop is to find one’s wounds and allow them to heal so that the pain of intimacy transforms into delight.

Every human life begins in intimacy. It takes months of extreme closeness, unconditional intimacy, to create the masterpiece, called human body. During this period, the body is so vulnerable that it needs to be kept in the most delicate and protected part of the creator – the female womb. Everyone knows intimacy at least subconsciously from the womb. The Latin word “intimus” is translated with the deepest, innermost, extremely close. Intimacy is the highest form of communication. Human nature longs for such communication.

Trust is needed for intimacy. Trust that is increasingly absent in modern life. Absence leading to misunderstanding of intimacy, lack of individuality. Nature knows no copies. Everything is unique in it. One tree has hundreds of leaves, but each one is unique, each tree is unique, each flower is unique. This is far from the case in the world of people. Where did the intimacy remain?

Often by intimate is understood sexual. Sex is just one of the expressions of intimacy. From a way of intimate communication, sex becomes a place for battle. Battles leading to deep wounds. Wounds alienating people, leading to great tension in communication. The most intimate partners today are often the phone and the computer.

The workshop

Sense of intimacy is a workshop for returning to intimacy, both with others and with oneself. Workshop means a seminar dominated by practical self-exploration exercises so that everyone can find their truth.

There will be no sex in the workshop. There will be a safe environment that allows each participant to show himself / herself, his / her essence, his / her ability to create and communicate, to trust, to show. There will be meditations, physical movements /dancing/, sharing, exercises. The purpose of the workshop is to relax in the physical body, to trust the body more and to the body listen to more, to return to feelings, to the ability to be intimate, which brings ease in life and an opportunity to be one-selves.

For whom it is suitable

The workshop is suitable for anyone who wants to deepen their connection with others, with themselves, to enjoy communicating. For every person suffering from loneliness, lack of understanding, trust, attacked by apathy, drown in the grayness of everyday life. Anyone who wants to make their lives a juicy experience. For anyone who is tired of communicating to be a struggle and manipulation. Anyone wishing to return to their creativity, to their own uniqueness, to their place in the universe. For every parent who wants to cultivate a sense of intimacy in their children and develop a sense of being intimate with them.

For whom it is not suitable

People wishing to enrich their knowledge of sex by adding new poses similar to those of the Kama Sutra. People who are completely satisfied with their lives and do not seek any change. Those who think they have found everything and have no more to learn. For people expecting ready-made universal recipes, what it means to feel, what it is to be intimate, what you have to be. For people who are unwilling to realize what is happening. For people under 21 years of age.