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Sense of food

Every human is eating several times per day but yet such activity remains one of the most misunderstood. By vital for the human body, food often is becoming harmful. Seldom human is aware how to treat his body. Any wild animal knows how to take care of its body. It has a sense of its own need of food. This sense is present even among the animals that have grown up without seeing their mothers at all like snakes. Where is this sense among humans? Humans are the most educated beings about their food on the Earth, but is this helpful? Are they free to eat whatever they need or someone else has to tell them what to eat? What is food – alcohol, cigarettes, shopping, bread, meat, milk?

Sense of food is a workshop in which participants will be welcomed to explore their own approach and relation with food. Workshop means that there will be practical exercises giving the chance to everyone to find his own true.

The workshop

Sense of food is a workshop for exploring the attitude to food, its absorption or stigmatization. There will be exploration of the connection between food and emotions – anger in particular. There will be space to deal with these emotions – recognition, awareness, expression.

In this workshop there will be no fasting. Everyone will be free to eat without being blamed or judged. There will be meditation, sharing, body movement /dance/, exercises that will put the participants in situation so that they become aware of their relation to the nutrition. In direction to see why they under or extra nourish them self. Do they listen to their body? Do they hear its voice? What it needs – food or a hug, what kind of food exactly or beverage or a rest it needs at the moment? The goal of the workshop is that one get more relaxed in his body, to learn how to hear it, to trust it, which brings lightness in live and opportunity to be yourself.

For whom it is suitable

For everyone that has the strength and courage to see what stays behind the food for him. For everyone that wants to be more sensitive, flexible, light, powerful, to respect more his body, to feel the energy flow in its body. For each parent that wants to develop sense of food in his children and to develop sense how to nourish them.

For whom it is not suitable

For people expecting ready universal recipes what it means to feel, what you need to eat, how you should be, what kind of nutrition qualities, calories, minerals and vitamins the different types of food are having. For people who does not have the desire to get aware what is happening.