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Misconceptions of Tantra

There are many misconceptions around Tantra. One of the most popular is that Tantra is sex, special sex, unforgettable poses, sex without ejaculation, sex without touch … The truth is that Tantra says, if sexual energy emerges, experience it. What it means to be lived by a person – it can be very different – sometimes it can mean sex without ejaculation, other times with or just caressing or watching… There are thousands of options. Tantra has no goal whatsoever and there are no ready-made ways. Tantra is in harmony with life with the manifestation of energy in the moment.

Another misconception is that Tantra is Indian music, aromatic sticks, red sheets, heavy breathing, mantra chanting… Tantra is an experience, not a decor. One can be in Tantra without any of these.

Another misconception is that Tantra is about accepting everything. Tantra is not acceptance but experience. One can accept that he is angry, which is very different from experiencing his anger.

Here are some more examples of Tantra’s misunderstanding. They are a particular example that can not be applied always.:

Example 1

A person doesn’t want to getup to go to work and decides to stay in bed because Tantra tells him to do what he wants to. In fact, he is scared to go to work because he feels he is not coping well. In fact Tantra says be with the feeling that you are not cooping.

Example 2

A man wants to have sex with his wife every day but she is not agreed. Tantra says, if you have sexual impulse, follow it. But how could he be a Tantrica by being refused having sex? If he is rejected of having sex than Tantra says be with that which might mean to face the feeling of rejection or unworthy or the tension he has and doesn’t know what to do with it except discharge it trough sex.